Friday, October 21, 2016



I hesitate to tell this story because of its content, but I must remember what inspires me. Knowledge. We all must continue to learn as much as we can, no matter what. And as I have said, we are all richer when experiences are shared. A few days ago, a person told me of another who recently killed a crow nearby, on purpose. Afterwards, this person strung it up in a tree where it hung for all of the other crows to see. And learn. I had many thoughts about this, but the one that rang the loudest in my head was the following. If I had committed this horrendous act, I’d be worried. I imagined a scenario in which I was in dire straits, alone, hurt, in need of help, physically unable to defend myself, with a murder of crows encroaching upon my helplessness. I’d be wishing that I’d never killed that crow. Why? Because it’s been proven that crows have facial recognition, and perhaps, although I don’t know for sure, an appetite for eyeballs. 

This is a painting of a brave crow that perched very near to me recently for a short while. This is unusual behavior for these birds in my neighborhood; after learning about the act in the above paragraph, there’s little doubt as to why.

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