Monday, October 31, 2016

Oceanfront Western Willet

Oil, 24 x 36 inches

This is a painting of a Western Willet, from the shores of Sanibel Island, FL. These sandpipers love our coastlines, and so do I. What looks like a big surf to a bird, full of bits of food with every roll, only tickles our ankles.

Next are some thoughts about summer, now that it’s come to a close. The trees have been planted, the garden’s been tidied, and thoughts about planting garlic must either be acted upon, or go to the graveyard where thoughts go to die. The black-eyed susans were beautiful again this September, and the jack pines are growing proudly. What happened to my nannyberries? Will they make a decent showing next spring? Ditch plants, how much can one expect? A lot. But that’s me. Which trees shall I plant next year, berries for the thrushes? Evergreens for the owls? Maybe both. How about a maple, or two? Another honeysuckle vine for the hummingbirds is a must, after witnessing my first hummingbird courtship display in front of this plant a few months back. Some days I feel quite old when I think of all the things I’m just learning now. The birch grove out back is sparse where evil, sun-loving Common Tansy takes root. Everybody has their villain.

Small areas of buckthorn were removed this weekend and last. Working in mid-40 degree temperatures almost made me go back inside for warmer socks. Colder days are coming. I’ve heard the English have nice work coats, lined with plaid. Bending, stretching, pulling, digging, hatcheting, snipping, snapping, piling, hauling, and cursing might be all the the more justifiable in a proper English chore coat, don’t you think? Maybe not. How many years of tatters has mine seen? Too many or not enough? Maybe the latter, the zipper still works. The forest. …dee, dee, dee. Those chickadees make everything alright.

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