Friday, June 15, 2018


Original Oil on Panel, 4 x 4 inches

Repeat, repeat
Going here, or there?
Staying here, staying here

If it bears repeating, it must be important?
True, true
For me, for me
Not you, not you

This spring, I was bamboozled by mistaking the Brown Thrasher’s song with that of a Gray Catbird’s. Worse things have happened. I’ve ridden my bicycle through red lights. Lots of them. What Gray Catbirds have to say once, a Brown Thrasher says twice. And its song is beautiful, but not twice as beautiful as a Catbird’s, nor fifty-percent that of a Mockingbird’s. All on its own, it’s just beautiful.

Por, Por
And favor
Keep singing
Conquer, conquer
Fallen, fallen
Sword, sword
Quiet, quiet
Ter, ter, 
Melting, melting
Jumble, jumbo
Wait, wait
Tumble, tumble
Better, better
Cello, jello
Por, por
Ible, ible
Not here, not here
Handi-, handi-
Coo, coo
Tippy, tippy
Cap, cap
It’s her, it’s

And flew the Thrasher into the shrub.

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