Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Guarding Carlos

Oil on Belgian Linen - 20 x 10 inches

     Here I have painted a Clay-colored Sparrow sitting atop an old log at Carlos State Park in western Minnesota. These birds come through my neck of the woods in Duluth also, and I love their buzzy calls. For a bird, their sound is unusual and reminds me of a bird coming down with laryngitis trying its hardest to sing like the rest. It's what makes this bird so adorable in my opinion, because it's just not like the others.

     These birds breed in the upper midwestern states into Canada, migrating from Central America and Texas. While I was observing this bird, I noticed a gopher nearby keeping its eye on things from the security of a wood pile. Below is my photo of that gopher, an animal that is also the University of Minnesota's mascot.

A gopher in a wood pile near the Clay-colored Sparrow

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